Are collector’s editions really worth the high price tag?

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Collectors Edition

Skyrim's collector's edition is unveiled

My initial mouth-foaming excitement over the news of Skyrim‘s collector’s edition quickly waned at the jaw-dropping price tag. For $149.99, this special edition and all of its glory can be yours. But the real question persists…are these collector’s editions overpriced or do they really give you some bang for your buck?

With the rabidity of most collectors, it’s no real surprise that video game publishers have found clever ways of parting our money from our wallets. But in the face of economic recession, mounting unemployment rates, fluctuating stock markets, and the housing crisis, can you really justify shelling out the dough for gaming paraphernalia?

Don’t get me wrong…my bookshelves are lined with their own tokens of gaming goodness – copious amounts of statuary and knick-knacks line the shelves next to concept art books and miniature representations of gaming’s finest heroes and villains. In fact, as I write this I’m staring straight at a puzzle block that when arranged properly says, “Diablo II“.

The Skyrim collector’s edition looks pretty sweet…all the right touches with the statue of Alduin in draconic form, full-color concept art book, behind-the-scenes DVD, and a nice-looking cloth map. It’s enough to make my inner child quiver with cries of “wantwantwant!”

If it seems as though I’m conflicted on this topic…it’s because I am. I’ve gladly and willingly shelled out the cash in the past towards special editions or exclusive offers. But with each purchase, I’ve had to weigh my choices and balance “need” vs. “want”. And it’s sometimes a difficult decision to make, because deep down, there’s a part of me that truly relishes collecting.

What’s your opinion? Are collector’s editions worth the price tag? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop a line below!


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  1. While I can see the allure, I guess I’ve grown out of it. As I get older and older, I find myself more often saying “what am I going to do with all of that stuff?”

  2. It drives me crazy when they are some games that have great stuff that come with it but others that don’t or the game completely sucks… Was Tron Evolution worth $150 for a light cycle, considering that you can now get it for $50?? Make it worth my money, but at the same time don’t make it where I can’t afford to actually live so I can enjoy the game! Just my ranting!

    • I agree. What peeves me about some special editions are the ones that offer “exclusive” DLC, when its exclusivity is really only limited to the spate of a month or so when it becomes widely available to the public. If a CE touts something as being exclusive, then it should be just that…limited to those few who pay the price.

  3. I had been hoping for a Skyrim CE with the soundtrack, the art book, the map, some fancy packaging and a small collection of in-game items. Normally I don’t like in-game items, but I have to admit that I don’t regret picking up the Dragon Age: Origins Collectors Edition for it’s in-game goodies. I’m not a big fan of statues in general and I’m not a fan of ‘making-of’ DVDs, I prefer having fancy packaging to display.

    I’ve been happiest with the Alan Wake, Fallout 3 and Fable 3 CEs in recent years. The contents were pretty neat and the fancy packaging is nice enough to display. I actually have them sat atop one of my DVD stands.

    This Skyrim CE is one that I’ve decided against, it’s main attraction to me being the map, that comes with regular pre-order editions as well. One CE that I have found to be worth the expense though, is The Old Republic CE. I debated that one in my mind for a few hours before finally deciding that the Bioware orchestral CDs, fictional journal and the security authenticator were worth a lot more than the price tag did the product credit. The bonus being that it has fancy packaging.

    • I’d have to say my favorite piece of CE goodies would be the maps, especially if they’re of nice quality. I originally got into game maps from the Ultima series, when every game came with a cloth map and other game trinkets, and this was long before game companies began charging for those extra perks. I don’t mind statuary, provided that it’s of nice quality and it’s something that I would display. Soundtracks are a definite plus, especially if the music is good. I absolutely loved Oblivion’s soundtrack, and would have gladly purchased the CE if it had come with a soundtrack.

      The Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty CE was actually pretty nifty as well…the dog-tag USB key preloaded with the earlier editions and the art book were quite lovely!

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. Considering the unfathomable amount of great art that people have created, I don’t give a rat’s ass about these sorts of things unless they’re of a game that truly speaks to me and are, of course, artfully crafted. Sadly other than the Ultima paraphernalia you mentioned there isn’t much that speaks to me gaming wise. I do have a nice collection of Japanese videogame soundtracks from the 90’s though! Also have an original Project A-ko soundtrack…yummy.

  5. When I was in high school it was relatively easy. I ordered a Japanese “phone book” style catalog of anime and video game soundtracks, I think from Laser Perceptions. My friend and I slowly learned katakana and hiragana and looked through the titles for interesting stuff. They were about $30 each for some crazy reason. I’d heard the Japanese usually rented soundtracks which might explain it. I’d blow every paycheck for a while on a bunch of CDs which LP would import for me. I still have a lot of them, though I lost quite a few in a car wreck. Some were damaged and others were stolen after I was carted away. People suck. :/

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